It is Sun

by Narayana Kavaca dasa

It is sun on my death face
Open mouthed
Leaving in final gasping exhale.

It is sun on the few withered fruits
That escaped the harvesters
On battlefields littered
With discarded children.

Sun who eats all flesh, dries all bone
Builds and erodes the sacred mount
And the nonsacred.

It is sun who witnesses the untold histories
Of the vanquished.
Who observes the atrocities of history writers

It is sun above the puffs of cloud
On wings, on Apollos
On the descension of angels
And on their ascensions

It is sun that explodes the acorn
That wilts and dries the oak
And it is sun that fire imitates

It is sons of suns that
Fill the night skies
That hold universes in tow

It is sun that illumines the retinal cloud
to cast your image in my pupils
Sun, held in thunderbolts
Cast by Zeus and by Indra
Cracking the sky, pouring showers

It is sun that heals the wounds of darkness
It is sun that colors the planet
Marks time into days
Fissures the earth
Cancers the skin
Thickens the wine
Ripens the vine

It is sun that follows
Us across continents
Across cultures and language
That melts the seas

Same sun on each face each day
As bodies pile into its life-giving, life-taking furnace

It is blinding and blind sun
That knows no race
Recognizes no superior or inferior form of life

It is sun, Ishmael and Abraham
It is sun young pierced druid
Would be sorceress
In the glint of Joan’s blade, in the mist of her cries
The flame of her death
The shadow of the cross
The thirst of Christ

It is sun that dried his blood
Marked the days of resurrection

It is sun that falls with majesty and drama
Beyond the furthest reach of our vision
Leaves us each eve in afterglow
Then in abject separation.

It is sun who teaches birth and rebirth
Love and separation

It is sun who breaks the morning silence
Casts newness, overturns lies

It is sun the meditators, the brahman
Seekers wish to join Aham brahmasmi

I am sun, but you are not
Though it is sun that connects us,
It is also sun that shows us each separate
Counts and distinguishes us one from another
Though the smallest space may separate us
Though we may remain buried
It is sun’s fire that finally shoots us as a star across the skies
Until we flame out.
Worms through us or engulfs us
Sees us in the final event

Is patience and desire
Is Ra, is demigod Surya.
Is sol and sole and soleil
And sonne that will bloat my rotting corpse
Purify and bleach my crumbling bone

It is sun, powerful sun, servant of the creator son,
Who aspires in hopes he dare not think or speak
To become the flame held aloft for the maidservants

Of the one who holds Krsna’s heart
It is his glance that creates deserts
And his tears oceans.

Walk if you must in the spiral
Of trails left by the cold bellies of serpents
It is sun that lights your way

My two cents cast from a toddler’s fist
Roll harmlessly in shadow
‘te apuesto’ ¿me dudas? te quiero dia
y noche te mando barcos asi el sol
(I’ll bet you. Do you doubt me?
I love you night and day. I send you ships
into the sun) morimos junto o aparte pero
averigamos pronto
(We’ll die together or apart but we will soon find the truth)
And it was his majesty that fell upon the jewel we so carefully fashioned
And it was God who we imagined followed us as, tethered by our disbelief
We grains of sand, beaten from soil and stone
And all matter, each separate individual upon our shores.

Chattering amongst ourselves
“No wave will again crash upon us”
Abandoned by moon and sun
The endless beating comes
And tidals come in their season
To wash away our sin
Methinks too long I’ve risen to greet the
Creatures of the night
And it is sun I will await.

Soft rays freckle morning warmth
Through the forest boughs
I awake with you on my mind
O creator of suns, of mornings, of warmth
Of forests and light
Dreamily I see you, my creator
And in whispers I call your name
Hare Krsna


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