A Picture

by Narayana-kavaca dasa

Sing to me of cupid’s arrow
Dance with me under a half moon’s light
In the meadow where the wild wheat bends
On the hillside between the apples

And trumpets hang from the vines
And trumpets sound clear notes
In the ether of our time
In the space between us

All the pastures fill with dandelion
They fill with moon eyed calves
And with the misty veils of children
And all the mothers are yet maidens

I walked here in borrowed shoes
Trailing behind those invited souls
I walked here uninvited to spy on You
To see how the apples bow the trees

And I will bow down to You in earnest
Hide among the shadows, and
Stay far away from all that is said
And is done this august eve

Beyond where the trees break the starlight
In the full music of a thousand
Voices, I will sing my broken tune
And lie, after You, in the impressions

In the still warm grass where You lay
And drink moonbeams from the crowns
You wore. bathing in the morning’s dew
All day I will run light footed
All day in the glow, the afterglow

My fingers will sing through the toils
Through all the ordinary, I will sing
The song of how You brought me

Into the light, of how You danced
With angels, of how your hand is ever
On mine, and I will draw for You
A picture, a picture of my love


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